Rajma Veggie Burgers w/ Summer Corn Relish & Feta

rajma veggie burger

It may come as no surprise that rajma, Indian kidney bean curry, is one of my favorite dishes since I’ve posted about it a couple times already – how to make it & how to make rajma enchiladas. It’s one of the unsung heroes of North Indian cuisine, often overshadowed by the chickpea in chana masala.  And I know what you’re thinking – kidneys beans get a bad wrap because they always look so gross in the salad bar, but they really shine when cooked the right way with onion, garlic, ginger, chilies and flavorful spices. Anyway, I hope you consider the humble kidney bean the next time you grab for your usual chickpeas!

This weekend, when my friend Aparna suggested making a rajma veggie burger at her barbecue, I jumped at the chance.  And it being summer, I topped it off with a corn relish made with dill pickles, fresh parsley and lemon.  The sweet and sour of the corn relish really worked well with the rajma burger and salty feta. The relish came out so well, we were eating it straight from the bowl.


For my corn relish, I used dill chips from a new line of Vlasic pickles called Farmer’s Garden.  The pickles in the Farmer’s Garden line are made with no artificial flavors and are hand-packed into traditional mason jars that you can re-use (am a jar horder:). Besides the dill chips used in my recipe, they also make kosher dill spears, zesty garlic chips, bread and butter chips and kosher dill halves. This line of pickles are inspired by pickling pioneer Joseph Vlasic who started making pickles the old-fashioned way 70 years ago.

Corn Relish

For the burger, I made my rajma recipe (without the spinach) and then sought the guidance of my friend and veggie burger extraordinaire, Lukas Volger on the topic. Lukas just launched his own line of veggie burgers called Made by Lukas that really put those gross frozen dry veggie patties in the freezer aisle to shame. His burgers are made from fresh ingredients that you actually get to shape into burgers and cook. It makes for a veggie burger experience that is a lot more fun than just unwrapping one from a plastic pouch and throwing it on the grill.

rajma veggie burger

Lukas also wrote a cookbook all about veggie burgers called Veggie Burgers Every Which Way.  I found one recipe of his called ‘Easy Bean Burgers,’ which I adapted using my rajma curry. If you have leftover rajma, this is also a perfect way to transform it into a totally new dish.  I was worried that because I had just made the rajma and it was a bit soupy that it wouldn’t hold together, but I added in some cooked rice and the bread crumbs from the recipe and they really held together well.  My first homemade veggie burgers were a success!

Rajma Burger and Corn Relish



This post was sponsored by Vlasic’s new line of pickles, Farmer’s Garden. Opinions expressed in this post are mine alone. I only promote products that I use in my own kitchen and that I think my readers would enjoy as well. You can follow #farmtojar on Twitter to get more recipes and info related to the Farmer’s Garden line of pickles.

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  • Kanika Samra

    Just what I was looking for! I have left over rajmas in the fridge and don’t want to throw them (picky eater alert!) since my mister isn’t going to eat them with rice/roti again. I will write back with my results.

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