Cooking Videos

Green Beans Palya (South Indian Stir-Fry) VIDEO

Recently, I was invited by Adrienne Stortz, host of XOXOCooks to share the recipe for green beans palya, a South Indian stir-fry of green beans, spices, coconut and lemon. ¬†Adrienne was a lot of fun to film with and love … More »

Cooking Video With My Dad

My friends Alana and Paul shoot a cooking series called Cooking By Heart and in this episode they featured me and my Dad. Cooking By Heart is all about the passing of food traditions from generation to generation. In this video, my Dad teaches me how to make chapati, Indian flatbread. More »

New Cooking Video: Kosambri (Carrot Salad)

Alana, Paul, and I just made a new cooking video for kosambri, a South Indian carrot salad. You make it with coconut, soaked lentils, lemon, cilantro and then top it off with fried mustard seeds, curry leaf and dried red … More »

New Cooking Video: Yellow Peanut Rice

Me, Alana and Paul just made a new cooking video on yellow peanut rice, a South Indian dish from Bangalore, flavored with lemon, coconut & fried peanuts, dals and spices. The actual name for the dish is chitranna (no relation … More »

My First Cooking Video: Radish Raita

I just made a cooking video with my friends Alana and Paul. It was so much fun and we’re gonna make a lot more. I hope you enjoy the first one! For the written recipe for radish raita go here.