Roasted Delicata Squash Rings (Hot Chip Style)

roasted delicata squash
Before I start this post, I must say that I am not ignoring this space or you. After turning in my cookbook manuscript, Brooklyn Delhi has really monopolized my time lately, but in a good way. Ben and I just came back from the Good Food Awards in San Francisco where my tomato achaar at Brooklyn Delhi won in their Pantry division. The Good Food Awards are given to producers that are responsibly and sustainably making tasty food products. They reward makers who are idealist but also put those ideals into action. I am proud to be included in that group. You can view a complete list of winners here. I was an undergrad at Berkeley when I first learned about the local food movement and it has greatly shaped the work I do here in Brooklyn. At the Good Food Awards, it was an honor to share the stage with luminaries in the field such as Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and Carlo Petrino, Founder of Slow Food.

Ok and now for the recipe…

This recipe was one I came up with at the tail-end of our farm share season. Delicata squash is a squash I came to later, after toying with butternut, acorn, spaghetti and kabocha squashes. In comparison, delicata is easier to work with and you can eat its skin since it’s so thin. The skin is also nutritious and adds good texture and contrast to the sweet and tender meat of the squash.

delicata squash recipe

I went through quite a few rounds of testing a recipe for baked hot chips made from bitter gourd this summer for my cookbook so I thought I would loosely apply that recipe to the delicata. Hot chips are somewhat of a phenomenon in South India. There are whole shops devoted to spicy chips made from all sorts of different vegetables.  Before roasting the squash, I batter the cut rings with some rice flour, chili powder, spices, lemon juice and oil. This adds some additional crunch, which pairs well with creamy yogurt, sweet peppers and herby parsley.

First step is to slice the squash.  I wanted these to be part chip, but still hearty enough to be a lunch salad so I cut them about 1/3 inch thick. cut delicata squash

The squash gets a nice golden yellow color from the turmeric I put in the batter.

roasted delicata squash

The week I made this recipe, we had received parsley and all of these wonderful peppers from Sang Lee Farms in our CSA. I just cut up the bright red ones to put on top. I’m sure pomegranates would also be great to add a crunchy sweetness and a burst of color. I topped these delicata squash rings with yogurt, also known as lazy person’s creamy dressing:)  It complemented the spices in the rice flour batter and the crunchy texture of the rings well.

locally grown farm peppers


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