Indian-Spiced Vegetable & Cheddar Strata + Cabot Cheese Giveaways

Indian-Spiced Vegetable and Cheddar Strata

This past year, I became part of the Cabot Cheese Board. I can’t say how much I love the cheese that the creamery produces and also what they stand for. Although you may see Cabot brand cheese in a lot of supermarkets, not everyone knows the company is owned and operated by 1,200 dairy farmers in New York and New England.  Just this year, they also came out with a cookbook of recipes from their dairy farm families, which is where I got this strata recipe above. I doctored it a bit with my tomato achaar to give it some Indian flavors.  It’s the perfect brunch dish for the cold and snowy winter we’re having.

Cabot Creamery Cookbook

As a way to celebrate the book, Cabot is running a sweepstakes until April 15th. The grand prize winner will receive a Year’s Supply of Cheese plus a copy of the cookbook, and 10 winners will receive a $25 gift box and a cookbook.  You can enter to win here.

Indian-Spiced Vegetable and Cheddar Strata

It’s hard to keep from eating all the of the cheese before it goes in the oven;) Cabot’s Seriously Sharp Cheddar is what is used in this recipe, but I’m sure any of their aged cheddar varieties like their Farmhouse Reserve, Alpine or White Oak would also be great.

Indian-Spiced Vegetable and Cheddar Strata


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  • candacekaru

    This is such a beautiful recreation of the cookbook recipe, Chitra. I love that you made it your own by adding tomato achaar, which sounds so delicious! I’m going to try adding it the next time I make this dish.

  • Michal Vilimovsky

    Thanks for this great recipe. I must say that although it does not look good on a plate it really tastes great. Cheddar is my favorite cheese. Keep up the great work. I just pinned this post. It is too tasty to be kept secret :).

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