Spicy Tarte à la Tomate

spicy tarte a la tomato
I can’t believe June passed by without a post from me:( Not like it’s an excuse but I have been planning my wedding (Sept!!), writing my cookbook (manuscript due next March) and running Brooklyn Delhi full steam ahead!

I’m hoping this recipe will make up for my absence. The first time I had a Tarte à la Tomate prepared by my friend Paul’s mother Brigitte, I wanted to eat the whole thing.

Spicy Tarte a la Tomate

Brigitte was born in Alsace, France and keeps French cooking traditions very much alive in her kitchen in Vermont. I was lucky enough to spend some time with her there and of course eat her delicious and beautiful food, which I think about all the time!

Spicy Tarte a la Tomate

I was ecstatic when Brigitte filmed a segment of Paul and Alana’s video series, Cooking by Heart and shared her recipe for her Tarte à la Tomate.  From watching her video (must be like 50 times now:), I have now made her tarte a number of times in my home.  I definitely recommend watching the video several times before making the recipe.

Every year, my friends Jackie and Ken throw a huge pie potluck and this year was the first year I could attend.  I decided that I would make Brigitte’s recipe but with a little twist incorporating my tomato achaar from Brooklyn Delhi. In the recipe, she calls for mustard to be spread on the bottom of the crust so instead I subbed in my achaar (which has black mustard seeds) and the ‘Tarte à la Tomato Achaar’ was born.  It was a total hit at the pie potluck!


With tomatoes just appearing at the farmer’s market, I hope you’ll give this recipe a try this summer.

Thanks Brigitte for teaching me the art of the tarte:)



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  • http://www.foodpleasureandhealth.com/ Dixya Bhattarai RD

    l love anything with pie crust dough – your version with achar sounds divine!

  • http://www.applesandsparkle.com/ Crystal S.(Apples & Sparkle)

    Beautiful recipe. : )

  • http://alittlesaffron.com/ Ileana Morales

    This is so gorgeous! I was inspired to make tomato pie a few months ago after visiting Charleston. :)

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