Lemon Dill Rice w/ Cashews


For the July 4th holiday, I was in Alabama visiting my parents and celebrating my mother’s 70th birthday.   The weekend was filled with a lot of cooking, note-taking, eating and some quality laying around.  I learned a lot of recipes I’ll share with you from that visit in the coming weeks.

To give you a taste, this is a recipe my mom taught me when my parents came to visit a few weeks back. She prepared a lemon rice with fresh fenugreek leaves and cashews that is so flavorful, it disappeared almost as soon as it was put down on the table. I thought it would be perfect to prepare for a picnic with friends and it did not disappoint. I adapted the recipe to use dill that I had received in my farm share.


Whenever I get a bunch of dill, I find it difficult to use a lot at a time, but what’s great about this recipe is that you can actually use it all in one go.  Kind of counter-intuitive to other recipes using dill, you cook it down a bit before adding in the rice (2 cups).  If you don’t cook it down, the flavor of dill will be too overpowering; you just want the recipe to get at its essence.  My mother has made this variation before as well and included fried raw peanuts instead of cashews so the recipe is quite flexible depending on what nuts or herbs you have on hand.

The lemon and the dill give this rice a nice summery taste.  To add some extra flavor, I mixed in some vangi baath powder.  If you don’t have this powder you can buy it online or sub in some sambar or curry powder.

I served this rice with spinach raita. Hope this recipe helps to put your summer dill to good use!

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  • http://www.thebackyardlemontree.com/ Elizabeth@Thebackyardlemontree

    Looks great, always good to have a recipe that uses the whole bunch of dill. I love those Indian dishes that use dill like a vegetable.

  • http://www.zeekhanakhazana.com/recipes Indian Food Recipes

    Its really interesting recipe lemon dill rice with cashews, I will definetly try it, Thanks for sharing the post.

  • http://anubhavati.wordpress.com/ anubhavati

    Hey Chitra,

    Stumbled n your blog and I kid of liked the idea of a lemon dill rice! Woud be great if you can post bigger pics.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10956862970355354525 Unknown

    lovely again…my mouth is watering…do stop by whimsytummy.blogspot.in….i would also love linking to your recipes in my blog .please let me know if you would love that

  • iluvpinkerton

    I’ve never really cooked with dill so I’m excited to try this. It sounds delicious!