Marbled Tea Eggs from The Chinese Takeout Cookbook + Cookbook Giveaway

Chinese marbled tea eggs from The Chinese Takeout Cookbook


The Chinese Takeout Cookbook is written by my friend and talented chef Diana Kuan and is where I got the recipe for these beautiful marbled tea eggs. I have been inspired by Diana’s work for sometime on her site, Appetite for China, where she is helping to preserve Chinese cooking traditions through her recipes.

Recently, she came out with her first cookbook (giveaway details below), which she wrote and photographed.  Diana is also an amazing photographer, what can’t this girl do! I have already made several recipes from it, including her cold sesame noodles which are phenomenal.  What I like about Diana’s book is that you can easily make many of the dishes vegetarian, and it’s truly an education in the flavors and ingredients used in Chinese cooking.

The Chinese Takeout Cookbook by Diana Kuan


I chose to make the marbled tea eggs because 1) they look amazing and 2) the ingredients used to color the eggs reminded me of how I flavor my chickpeas actually in making channa masala with a tea bag and cinnamon. Diana’s recipe also calls for soy sauce, brown sugar, star anise and black pepper and I added in a couple cloves too.  The coloring of the eggs gets more intense, the longer you cook them in the tea mixture.  I had limited time so mine are lighter than Diana’s from the book, but still so pretty and tasty!

So funny though because not only are the eggs really cool to look at, the peelings are too and had a hard time throwing those away:)

marble tea egg shells


This is the first giveaway I’m doing on my site and I’m excited that it’s for Diana’s cookbook.  In order to be selected to win a free copy of The Chinese Takeout Cookbook, just leave a comment on this post with your favorite Chinese takeout dish.  I’ll contact the winner by email.

UPDATE: The winner of The Chinese Takeout Cookbook is Nazneen! Congrats & thanks all for your comments. It was fun to read everyone’s favorite Chinese takeout dish.

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  • Mary Aaroe

    steamed buns!

  • Chicainthecity

    These look amazing and are all kind of genius. Can’t wait to try this. Beautiful pictures!!!

  • Sheila

    General Tso’s tofu — the best vegetarian food (and probably the least good for you), but it has totally redeemed years of lo meins for me.

    Thanks for the gorgeous recipe!

  • Vik

    Kung Pao Tofu with brown rice.

  • ej shortell

    I love Chinese food. Dim sum lunches or brunches are my favorite. I love lobster cantonese style, as well as chow fun

  • Renee G

    I love Beef and Broccoli.

  • Kavitha

    broccoli in garlic sauce with brown rice

  • Meredith

    I like vegetable lo meain! I haven’t had Chinese takeout in awhile actually.

  • Anonymous

    this recipe worked great on my eggs! thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Boneless BBQ spare ribs, eaten cold at 3 am!

  • sintalentos

    does chinatown ice cream factory’s black sesame flavor count?

  • Melissa Mason

    Those eggs look so cool! My favorite is Mongolian Beef.

  • Tiffany Ratzman

    Wow those eggs look so neat 😀 It’s incredibly hard to choose a favorite dish…hmm….I’d have to say mo shu pork. Even though I loooooove stir fried noodles!

  • alana

    ginger scallion noodles i love !

  • Chitra

    looking at everyone’s favorite dishes, I had to leave mine:) Sichuan Green Beans!

  • Ben GArthus

    I 2nd the vote for Kung Pao tofu!

  • Coffee and Crumpets

    Garlic chicken, or rather chicken with vegetables in garlic sauce…and everything else


    • Chitra

      Congrats Nazneen, you won the cookbook giveaway!

  • kim

    Tofu and vegetable with brown rice.

  • ps.we-ate-that

    Tea eggs look amazing.. Ma-po tofu.

  • 1c77d49c-7dd0-11e2-94b1-000f20980440

    Homemade shrimp New Year dumplings! So fun to sit and make them together, then boil in soup or steam or fry.

  • Aibrean

    Char sui bao are delicious.

  • sleepy headed mom

    Beef and Broccoli and crab rangoon

    Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  • Joan Price

    My apartment is littered with Chinese take-out boxes it would be awesome to learn how to cook it. Great article, it was very interesting!

  • Jenny Dsouza

    I will buy this book..

    And try this at my chinese restaurants in bangalore