Sweet Potato, Feta & Mizuna Greens Palya (South Indian Stir-Fry)

sweet potato, feta & mizuna greens palya (South Indian stir fry)


My mom’s palya recipe, which is a South Indian stir-fry dish, never gets old because I can apply it to so many different vegetables that are available around me.

sweet potatoes

This time, I used sweet potatoes and mizuna, Japanese greens that have a peppery flavor and remind me a bit of mustard greens used in Indian cooking.  These greens are actually referred to as Japanese mustard sometimes so I’m not the only one that thinks that I guess…The leaves have a really delicate pattern to them, which is why I was drawn to them the first time I saw them at the farmer’s market in Union Square. Since then, I have enjoyed making them and love combining them with potato, in particular.

mizuna greens, Japanese mustard

For the recipe, you fry up the sweet potato with mustard seed, dried red chili, curry leaves and hard lentils of urad dal and chana dal (below) which add a nutty flavor.  Then you finish it off with lemon juice and cilantro. I had some feta so I crumbled some on top and the flavors went really well together. If you want to make a vegan version of this recipe, you can mix in shredded coconut instead.


black mustard seeds, curry leaves, dried red chili


urad dal


chana dal


The reason why I like this palya recipe so much is because you can apply the same staple spices to what you have on hand and make something entirely new each time.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02990053720835647706 Vani

    I love how you have taken the sweet potato palya and made it your own with those additions. And I like the “ABCD” part of your blog name too :) Just a suggestion – if you can add a widget for labels or categories, it’ll make browsing through your site a lot easier. I think blogger already has “labels” gadget – not sure though.

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    Thanks so much Vani! I appreciate your comment too about searching. I’m actually redesigning my site so that finding recipes will be much easier. In the meantime, I will check out this category listing. Thanks for the tip. Hate blogger and am moving to WordPress, stay tuned!

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