Naan Breakfast Pizza


This may be the juiciest recipe I’ve put on my site so far & when I say juicy I mean cheesy goodness!  It’s a really easy one too, using ready-made naan, my leftover fresh chili pepper pumpkin pasta sauce, fried onions, cheese and an egg.

I’ve had this pizza now a few times and eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner so don’t let the title of the recipe stop you from eating it anytime of day.

And I have to admit, after you eat one, you may want another so keep the oven going for your 2nd breakfast, lunch or dinner:)


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  • Ali, Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads

    Is this Stonefire Naan? Looks delicious!

  • Chinese food Brisbane

    It looks interesting, i like that combo!

  • jehanne@thecookingdoctor

    this looks good, thank u for linking it to DMBLGIT..I might give it a try myself:-)

  • Chitra

    Thanks Jehanne! I’m glad you like!

  • Franchise Takeaway

    That’s one wonderful looking pizza, it seems good recipe.

  • Chitra

    Ali – not Stonefire, but that would work. This is just a brand I picked up at the Indian store near me.

  • Dai

    Would it be possible to use this with a tortilla instead of Naan?

  • Chitra

    Hi Dai – A tortilla may not be thick enough to hold the weight of the ingredients, but you could try pita.

  • Judy Epstein

    This looks totally delicious! I’d like to try it with a glutem free flatbread.