Fresh Chili Pepper Pumpkin Pasta Sauce


I grew up eating pasta sauce with Indian green chillies so when I got these ristra peppers in my farm share with a big pumpkin, I thought I’d put them both together and make a pasta sauce out of them.


These chili peppers are usually dried and made into ristras, dried chili pepper wreathes. They are quite hot to eat raw, but when you cook them they mellow out. If you don’t have these chillies, you can easily sub in jalapeño, serranos or Indian green chillies.

The sweetness of the pumpkin goes really well with the chillies. I had two pumpkins from my farmshare so this recipe was a good one to freeze and use leftovers for later. I started making naan pizzas with the extra sauce, which I’ll share with you on my next post.

And don’t throw your pumpkin seeds away! Save them for roasting. Here’s a recipe for masala roasted pumpkin seeds that I did a few weeks back.

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  • Anonymous

    thanks for sharing..

  • Amee

    hi! just saw your note! you seem like such a fun person! …and you live in NYC. even funner. and cooler. and your blog and recipes are way more inventive. thanks for visiting. now apparently i have a lot of work to do to keep up with you!! looking fw to your pinterests and posts! Happy belated diwali! :)

  • Chitra

    Amee! You too! You’re voice is refreshing to hear in the sea of food blogs out there:) Please stay in touch and drop me a line anytime!