Sprouted Moong Gram (Mung Bean) Farm Salad

indian moog dal (mung bean) farm salad
I grew up watching my grandmother and mother germinate moong gram, which are also called mung beans.  The sprouted beans are really hearty and delicious even on their own.  You automatically feel healthier just consuming them.

sprouted moog dal (mung bean)


My mom puts them in a version of kosambri that she makes so I thought I’d try that out with these sprouts along with some of the vegetables I got in my farm share.

farm fresh cherry tomatoes

French radish and carrots

The germination process is quite easy, but for some reason it took me time to try it out myself. I think watching a bean actually grow a sprout may have made me think it was harder than it is. Now that I’ve done it once, it doesn’t seem so daunting after all.

This is what moong gram looks like before you start the process.

moong dal or mung bean

I soaked these beans in water overnight, making sure they were completely submerged.

The next morning, I found that they had absorbed much of the water and plumped up like this.
soaked moong dal or mung bean


Before I went to work, I just drained the dal in a colander and let it sit there until I came home.

drained moong dal or mung bean in colander


Then I put the beans in a a dish covered with cheese cloth in my oven with the light on, and the next morning I had these sprouts! Success!
sprouted moong dal or mung beansprouted moong dal (mung bean) farm salad
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