Mosaranna (Yogurt Rice)

Mosaranna or yogurt rice (and sometimes called curd rice but I don’t like that name:) is a staple of South Indian cooking.  In my mom’s language, Kannada, ‘mosaru’ means yogurt and ‘anna’ means rice so mosaranna literally translates to “yogurt rice.”

In South India, it’s most common to end your meal with plain rice and yogurt.  It’s a tradition, but was most likely brought about because the combination is supposed to help settle the stomach.  This recipe from my mom is for the version of yogurt rice that my family would eat for picnics or serve when we’d have company over.

Yogurt rice for me is the ultimate comfort food. I eat it when I’m feeling under the weather or when I don’t know what else to make. It’s white, fluffy and cooling – kind of like eating clouds:)

The recipe is very simply – basically rice, yogurt and fried spices. You can of course add extra items if you’d like, but the simpler the better. I made this rice with some fried peanuts and took it to a vendor’s potluck for Dekalb Market. Another variation I learned from my mother is to add some pomegranate seeds which adds nice bursts of color and some sweetness.

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    This sounds so delicious. I really love yogurt in savory dishes.