Cooking Video With My Dad

My friends Alana and Paul shoot a cooking series called Cooking By Heart and in this episode they featured me and my Dad. Cooking By Heart is all about the passing of food traditions from generation to generation. In this video, my Dad teaches me how to make chapati, Indian flatbread.


Thanks so much to A+P for an amazing video that me and my Dad will always have:)


You can watch more episodes from Cooking By Heart here.
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  • summer

    that was so cute. i love chapati. what kind of flour was that? i love your dress too! your dad’s adorable.

  • Chitra

    thanks Summer! We use chapati flour that you can get at the Indian store – Laxmi is a good brand, but you can also use whole wheat flour. my dress is by Busayo – yeah my Dad is a natural:)

  • Katie Fehrenbacher

    Love this video! Your Dad rocks!

  • Pradeep Vasudev

    nice vid!! your dad looks the same as he has for years….a timeless wonder and the calmest person I have even known….and those phulkas!! wow they just puff right up. fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    u r dad is great.

  • Sana Javeri Kadri

    This is just the sweetest, Chitra. Wish my dad and I had this.