Japanese Turnips with Miso Ghee


My CSA just started on the 11th so I’m really excited. In the first batch, I got some Japanese turnips. I used to never like turnips but this variety has a mild flavor and a nice, almost watery texture compared to others. I have been cooking with this one recipe for Japanese turnips with miso butter from epicurious that I really like and realized that instead of butter, why not use ghee! Thus, miso ghee was born.

This recipe calls for white miso which is made from fermented rice, barley and soy beans. There are several different types of miso, and this one is on the sweeter side. I started cooking with miso not long ago and realized after purchasing it from a Japanese market in Manhattan that my local corner store carries it as well so it is quite easy to find. It adds really good flavor as a base in soups, salad dressings and as a glaze on vegetables and goes really well with mirin, a Japanese sweet rice wine that is also included in this recipe. For a vegetarian, miso is a good addition because it’s high in protein.

These are my turnips. They are so small so I just cook them whole:



I have eaten this recipe two ways, where you leave it more soupy or cook off all of the liquid. This is the less soupy version. Try both and see which one you like.

This is what it should look like if you cook off all of the liquid:


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11845436243753424955 SpicyTasty

    This is an interesting recipe. This will be apt for our ongoing mela. It would be great if you can enter your recipe in our “Quick and easny recipe mela”. Looking forward towards
    your entry. Thanks


  • http://themonsoonwinds.blogspot.com/ Anu

    Sounds delish! Can’t wait to try with my fall turnips.

  • Emma

    Miso Ghee! Love it.