Doddapatre Tambuli (Herbed Buttermilk)

Tambuli (pronounced thumbulli) is a spicy buttermilk dish made from the herbal leaves like the ones above called doddapatre soppu. This recipe is made in the state of Karnataka in South India where my mother’s family is from. I had tambuli for the first time when my Auntie Asha made it for me recently and loved it. I got these leaves from my her and my Uncle Janardhan who grow them in their garden in New Jersey. The plant is a succulent and has thick, green leaves. Doddapatre soppu is referred to as Cuban Oregano. It has the flavor of oregano but it is more pungent.

My Aunt told me that often my Grandfather used to have tambuli if he was ailing from joint pain. The leaves are medicinal and have also been used as an Ayurvedic remedy for coughs, sore throat, congestion and digestion. This dish has a really nice flavor from the leaves, coconut, black pepper and cumin seeds. You mix it up with hot rice and eat.

These leaves are hard to come by and a lot of times grown in home gardens, but I’m going to give you the recipe anyway in case you ever chance upon them. Also, I know that some people make this dish with ginger if they don’t have the leaves.
I’m really happy to share my Aunt’s recipe for tambuli that she has perfected over the years. Enjoy!


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