New Cooking Video: Kosambri (Carrot Salad)

Alana, Paul, and I just made a new cooking video for kosambri, a South Indian carrot salad. You make it with coconut, soaked lentils, lemon, cilantro and then top it off with fried mustard seeds, curry leaf and dried red chili – so fresh! It’s a really colorful dish with so much texture and a good one to bring to picnics.You can find the written out recipe on this post. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

Also, if you want to see more cooking videos go here.

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  • MCG716

    Awesome video dude. Seems like fun fun

  • alana

    great video! i’d hire those guys

  • Mia

    Nice background music…and I like your shirt.

  • Penny @ Reviews on Coffee Makers

    What a cool video – I love carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes – but the spices? My godson loves spicy foods but for me the red chili is to much!

  • Nithu

    Nice video. That’s a simple and delicious salad.

  • Anonymous