My Great Aunt’s Garam Masala

When I was in Delhi, I took a crash course in North Indian cooking with my grandmother, great aunt and their cook, Ramesh. We must have prepared 20 recipes in the course of 5 days…and we had planned for more even. I will share a few of these on the site in the coming posts. The first recipe is for garam masala, which many people know as the Indian all spice.

The spice is used in many North Indian recipes and is a mixture of roasted cumin seeds, black pepper,


black cardamom,

star anise,


bay leaf,

and because we were fancy we added some mace (javitri)

and also nutmeg (jaiphal)

Every family’s recipe varies and you can omit or add more of any of the ingredients based on your taste. You just dry roast most of the spices on the stove or in the oven and then get out your trusty spice grinder (or coffee grinder but cleaned out well).

This is my great aunt, Kumud grinding away. She is darling and I miss her!

You sift it well to make sure that you grind out all the big pieces.



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  • Nithu

    That is one good home made masala recipe. Bookmarked.