Spicy Tzatziki @ Drawing Class


My friends Dan and Nate host a really fun model drawing class every two weeks in Nate’s art studio in Gowanus called +DRAWING+MODEL+MUSIC+BEER+.

Here they are. Dan is the blurry one:

This class is special though because not only do you get to draw a model, you also get to listen to music curated by Dan while having a glass of wine or a beer. The class is really magical because time goes by so fast there and when it’s over you don’t want to leave as evidenced by the lingerers. To share, I brought snacks of persimmon salsa and spicy tzatziki (recipe below). Coincidentally, the food I brought fit in with the theme of that week’s class.

Each class has a different music theme. This one’s was British Invasion but not what you’d think. In Dan’s words – ‘”British Invasion” was less about the Beatles, Stones, etc. crossing the pond and going all D-Day on the Billboard charts, but more about the interaction of English music culture with that of the Queen’s subjects.’ That night we heard music that paired UK influences with ones from India, Nigeria and the US, an eclectic mix from Lily Allen 50 Cent satires to mid-century Nigerian art music, while eating some of my East meets West food:)

The theme for the upcoming class is “first impressions” in light of the New Year where you will hear songs that start an artist’s debut album. Here is info on the next class and don’t forget to RSVP because space is limited:

Wednesday January 12, 8:00 – 10:30 pm
269 Douglass Street and 3rd Ave., Brooklyn
$10 pays for model, beer, and music.
RSVP nathan.sensel@gmail.com

Thanks to those for sharing their drawings:
DSC07394 DSC07382 DSC07381 DSC07380 DSC07374 DSC07378
And here’s my recipe for spicy tzatziki that I served that night.
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11297558216280808941 sintalentos

    thank you so much for participating, abcd! i can’t believe we actually had some questions over whether to bring all of the salsa and tzatziki you made — people practically threw ‘bows to get to them.

    the tzatziki was really nice, very mild, lower on the garlic flavor than i’m used to. remember elat on pico? i used to hold up theirs as the standard. no more!