New Cooking Video: Yellow Peanut Rice

Me, Alana and Paul just made a new cooking video on yellow peanut rice, a South Indian dish from Bangalore, flavored with lemon, coconut & fried peanuts, dals and spices. The actual name for the dish is chitranna (no relation to me!) and means “mixed rice.”

The rice goes well with these dishes: spinach raita, palak paneer, green beens palya, sambar, saru. You can find the written out recipe on this post. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

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  • summer

    Looks so good! I will definitely be making this. Was that fresh coconut you added at the end? Also, where’d you get that beautiful hammered bowl?

    • mysore shivaram

      wonderful dish.I found you had hard time squeezing lime.I found if you cut the lime to half and put in microwave for 30 to 40 seconds, you can get lot of juice and easy to squeeze

  • sintalentos

    and what was the name of the festival you mentioned?

  • Chitra

    oh i didn’t mention a specific festival – it can be made for any!

  • alana

    i love cooking this dish it’s so tasty!

  • electricbluebaking

    LOVE IT. Hubby seconds that. Cannot wait to fry up some spices!

  • Lauren