A Singing Supper

Last Saturday, Sabra and I hosted another Indian-Mexican supper club! This one was special because we had our friend Asha sing. She was incredible:

We even snuck in from the kitchen to watch:

Ash was glowing.

We served a four course meal with the help of some of our besties – Busayo, Alana and Paul:) Our menu:

We started off the meal with golgappa, an Indian street food that kind of resembles little tostadas. We filled them with black beans, potato, gaucamole and topped them with some yogurt/sour cream, mint and tamarind chutney and crunchy sev (fried chickpea flour strands). You just pop them in your mouth!

This is what the cute little guys look like. You just poke a hole in the top and fill them:

Our golgappa assembly line:

We served a saru gazpacho. Saru is a spicy tomato lentil soup from South India. We blended it, added some chopped fresh veggies and topped it off with some boondi, avocado and cotija cheese.

This is what boondi looks like. Its fried chickpea flour batter:

For the main course we served tamales. Me and Sabes were up late the night before making 50 of them – yes 50! It was great. In the next post I’ll share our recipe for them. We filled one with tamarind chutney and white cheese and the other with mustard greens curry and jack cheese. On the side we had a butter masala sauce and mint chutney.

For dessert we served homemade yogurt, carmelized mango, honey, chocolate shavings and a sprinkling of chili and cumin powder.

Me and Sabes working on dessert:

Sabes made the chocolate and dipped chili peppers and corn husks in it.

We put the chili peppers on the tables for decoration and peeled off the chocolate from the husks for the shavings. They had these neat little imprints on them from the husk:

I think Busayo liked it.

Thanks everyone for a great night – there will be more:)

Thanks Alana, Ryan and Stephen for photos!

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11297558216280808941 sintalentos

    i couldn’t visualize the choco-covered peppers, so the photos are very helpful. they look fantastic! did the chocolate take any of the corn husk’s or pepper’s flavor?

  • http://www.spicytasty.com/veggie-entrees-sides/idly-and-indian-hot-sauce/ shriya

    I could see some pani poori’s over there. All the food looks soo yummy. Looks like you guys had fun..

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09050471034563110203 Chitra

    Not that I could taste, but someone took a bite out of a chocolate chili pepper and was really into it. Kind of funny:)

  • Little Red

    Indian-Mexican fusion! Sounds intriguing.

  • Anonymous

    I love this!
    How do the Supper Clubs work?
    Who is invited- do the guests contribute?

  • http://nettajoybeauty.blogspot.com/ bethany joy felicity

    This is so delightful! I am a big fan of friend potlucks..I had a lot of vegetarian ones back in my hometown in Ohio. I recently moved to Brooklyn so it’s good to know lovely foodies are doing fun events like these (: Also..indian food is my favorite and I love the combination with mexican flavors bc curry+cilantro+mint make my taste buds super joyous.

    can others join the cooking/tasting? sounds so fun!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09050471034563110203 Chitra

    I’m so glad you like. This is actually a little restaurant that me and my friend sabra run from her house. we cook a four course meal for our guests and they pay a fee and bring a bottle of wine.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13264576743630783877 meeso

    You have so much fun with your cooking! I love seeing all the food and people :)

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone come along and join the supper club (as long as they pay the fee and bring some wine of course!)? I’ve recently moved to Brooklyn and would love to attend the next supper!