New Amsterdam Market

Me and my friend Sheng went to the New Amsterdam Market in downtown Manhattan a couple weeks ago. The outdoor market recently opened right on the water near the old Fulton Fish Market and hosts booths for local farmers, bakers, wine producers, cheese mongers, butchers, fish & seafood purveyors, importers and sellers of prepared foods like soups and even kimchi.

The market is pretty incredible and if you are in NY, please check out their site to see when they are open next: Their aim is to bring back the idea of old timey marketplaces that carried a wide variety of high quality goods and also served as a public space for eating and hanging out together. I recently learned more about this concept from reading Julia Child’s memoir, where she refers to her experiences at the Les Halles marketplace in Paris. Such markets exist around the world today, but right now in NY this is the only one of its kind.

I wanted to share the photos that we took that day.

that’s me putting some apples in my bag

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