Pizza Party!

At one point, I was really into Barefoot Contessa’s cooking show (when I didn’t have a job and had a disgraceful amount of time during the day to watch one cooking program after another.) There was this one episode where she had all of her friends over for a pizza party. She had laid out a bunch of toppings and everyone was having such a fun time making their own pizzas. And then there was me – sitting in bed at 4PM, still wearing pajamas and being totally jealous!

That’s why I was really excited when my friends Brennan and Karie recently invited me and buddies over for a homemade pizza party. They had made the dough beforehand, gathered a ton of toppings, and then we all brought some as well including my tandoori paneer and peppers curry and mint chutney. It was so neat because Karie had worked in a pizza parlor before and gave us a lesson on how to stretch out the dough and also introduced me to pumpkin on pizza – on that one they also put goat cheese, sage and arugula, but it was gone so fast there was no picture!I didn’t know pizza could be so funny, but some of our guys made me laugh.

Alana made squizza

and Paul made crust!

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  • Deepa G Joshi

    ummmm..I love pizzas and this looks very good. saw your info in the budding bloggers!! will keep visiting now for more.