Akki Roti (Rice Flour Roti)

Mysore style roti is made thin and in a wok.

The first recipe I cooked while visiting my parents is one of my favorite breakfast foods, akki or rice flour roti. It’s a homemade speciality from my mother’s state of Karnataka in South India. The roti is made from rice flour, coconut, cilantro and green chilis and kneaded into a loose dough that you spread out onto the surface of a wok and fry with oil. It kind of looks like a tostada and I remember when I was younger thinking it would make a nice hat to cover my supreme bowl haircut, but it also tastes great!


Me and my bowl

Friends who have come over to eat it remark that they have never tasted or seen anything like it. I had wanted to learn this recipe for some time and trying it out for the first time, I realized it’s actually not that difficult to make. It’s really fun too because it’s one of those messy recipes where you get to play with the dough a lot and at the end you’ve made something that looks kind of out of this world.


Within Karnataka, there are several ways to make akki roti. This version is from Mysore, where my grandmother is from. Other versions are made flat on a skillet or with another type of dough called ragi (finger millet). While cooking, my mother mentioned that in my grandfather’s home, they would eat it with some homemade butter in the middle of the roti. I like to eat mine with yogurt mixed with some hot Indian pickle or chutney.
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02989967318453941084 Aparna

    This looks a lot like adai which we have with butter or jaggery.

  • Aparna Kumar

    I just made this today. Came out amazing. Correct the recipe to say that you need to add the coconut in with the flour mixture. Also didnt add cumin and used dry curry leaves and used less onion and coriander leaves. Came out excellent. Since i was only one eating, one roti was enough. I froze the other balls of dough to use later in the week. Will see how that works!

    • http://abcdsofcooking.com Chitra Agrawal

      Yay glad you liked it! And I just added the coconut, thank you. I hope you know you’ve been recruited to test recipes for my book;)