Naan and Mint Chutney

naan bread

kind of looks like a baguette I know, but it’s naan!

I have always been a bit shy of making Indian breads – maybe because everytime I’ve made them, it has been a complete disaster. To put an end to all of my burnt and crunchy rotis, I decided to take an Indian breads class and it worked! I made my first naan bread this weekend to rave reviews (it made an appearance and disappearance at the party of my dear friends, Kim & Matt).

I took my breads class with Chef Richard LaMarita and he has kindly allowed me to share some of his recipes here. I highly recommend his class at the Natural Gourmet Institute. It is really hands on and so much fun. One thing to note though is that since naan in the restaurant is made with a clay oven, it has a bit of a different texture when made at home, but tastes pretty much the same.

With the naan, I made Richard’s mint chutney which is so quick and easy. You just blend and mix in a few ingredients and you’re done.

Chef LaMarita demonstrating how to dimple naan dough with water.



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