Beet Palya (South Indian Stir Fry)

beet palya (South Indian stir-fry)


Palya is the name for a dry stir fry curry that’s made in the southern Indian state of Karnataka where my mother is from. She gave me this recipe, but I have modified it a bit to tone down the spices for my tum. This style of curry usually consists of seeds and dry dals that are fried with chili and curry leaf including chana dal:
chana dal


Beets are another vegetable that I love and they also happen to lower acidity in the body. Beets are just really good for you in general and if you are vegetarian they are even more important because they include a great deal of iron.

urad dal

urad dal

The beets that I got from the CSA this time were so small. They looked like little radishes. They were very cute until I realized that I had to peel them. It was not too bad but what a mess of beet juice all over the place.

black mustard seeds, curry leaves and dried red chili

black mustard seeds, curry leaves and dried red chili

Since I was very young, I always enjoyed and was intrigued by this vegetable because of the coloring it would leave behind on my plate. The coloring is so strong that you can actually dye fabric with it and apparently a lot of items in my kitchen (cutting board, dish towel, floor, stove, etc.).

Here is the recipe:

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  • Anonymous

    Delicious. The recipe is well written and very easy to follow.

  • Calvin Bhai

    finally a beet root palya recipe! I’ll try this soon. been itching to have this for a long time. Wish it was available in the ‘south Indian’ restaurants in the DC area :-/

  • lysa jordan

    This looks totally delicious! I have to try it.

  • Anonymous

    I do not like curry….what would you substitute? ?

  • Chitra

    There is really no good substitute for curry leaves. You can just leave them out if you don’t like them.

  • Anita

    Do you need to cook the dal before adding it to this recipe?

    • anonymous

      No, it is part of the seasoning and gives a nice crunchy texture to the palya