South Indian Bok Choy Stir-Fry

bok choy stir-fry with quinoa

Last week I demoed this bok choy stir-fry for my fellow Crown Heights CSA members as part of my volunteering duties.  I taught everyone how to make a traditional South Indian stir-fry called palya with black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dried red chili pepper, curry leaves, lime and coconut. farmshare demo

Like many of the recipes on this site, I applied a traditional Indian cooking technique to local vegetables.  As I mentioned in my last post, Sang Lee Farms, an organic farm based in Long Island supplies my CSA with its produce. The farm specializes in growing Asian vegetables, which would explain this amazing looking bok choy I had to work with.

large bok choy

The farm also sent some additional vegetables I could demo with including scallions and white corn.

scallions and corn

This stir-fry is of course not traditional as far as Indian vegetables go, but it is most similar in flavor to one variety of palya made with cabbage.

chopped veggies

You end up with a spicy (from the black mustard seeds and red chili pepper), sweet (from the coconut and corn) and sour (from the lime) flavored stir-fry.

bok choy stir-fry palya

I prepared the same stir-fry at home with my share and mixed it with red quinoa for a picnic with friends to see Willie Nelson perform at Prospect Park.

bok choy and quinoa stir fry



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