Spicy Pickled String Beans (Shimi Ka Achar)


This summer and fall, I have been getting a ton of string green beans and using them in all sorts of ways.

Inspired by making a vegetable achar (spicy pickle condiment) in Delhi with my great aunt, which usually calls for cauliflower, radish and carrots, I decided to blanch and pickle my string beans (shimi in Hindi) in a similar fashion.  Not a bad idea too when you are stuck inside because of a hurricane;)


This is a quick pickle that requires mustard oil to get a really pungent flavor, along with a few ground spices, fresh onion, lemon and salt. My great aunt’s recipe also includes ground mustard seeds and hing, but I kind of just threw what I already had ground, but will share her exact recipe this winter with root vegetables I have on hand.

This type of pickle is usually served as a condiment alongside a meal of rotis, curry & rice, but I ended up serving them up in a variety of ways – in veggie burgers, with scrambled eggs, in a taco and just plain as a snack.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! this looks yummy…what can I sub for mustard oil? Will grapeseed oil work? TIA

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09050471034563110203 Chitra

      Hi Tia, You could sub in grapeseed oil for sure for this recipe!