Masala Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I don’t think I’ve roasted pumpkin seeds since I was really young. Although, it seems like a very American thing to do, I remember my grandmother when she lived with my family in New Jersey actually roasting the seeds for our family. She is and to this day meticulous about using every part of the vegetable – nothing goes to waste.

When I received this pumpkin in my farmshare, the thought struck me that I should roast the seeds instead of discarding them.

This pumpkin had a bit of character. When I cut it open, I felt like it was scowling back at me;)


Inspired by chili roasted peanuts I like to buy in India, I decided to mix the seeds up with ghee and a few different spices – my Great Aunt’s garam masala (you can buy the powder ready-made as well), turmeric and chili powder and then bake them.


They came out really well – crunchy and spicy! I ended up throwing them into a lot of different dishes throughout the week, in addition to eating them plain – salads, soups, tacos and even in yogurt.


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  • Ashley

    Ive never tried roasting pumpkin seeds before but this sounds really tasty! I will have to give it a try this year 😉

  • cumincoriandercardamom

    Love this, just in time, when i was racking my brain on what to do with my pumpkin seeds

  • Monirul Hasan

    I love cooking, Here you have shown many cooking. So, I have learned how can roast pumpking seeds.