Beet Pachadi


I’ve been getting beets from my CSA lately so I’ve been digging into old recipes to use them up. A recipe that I received from my cousin Pradeep a few years ago is one that I have revisited a couple times already this season. It’s a South Indian dish called pachadi that I actually didn’t grow up eating even though my mother and Pradeep’s father are from the South.

That’s actually what’s funny about Indian cooking that even within regions, there is so much variation. I found from talking to more people about this dish, that there is even a difference in the definition of it – some say it tends to be very spicy, while others say it’s quite sweet. The consensus though is that it’s commonly eaten as a side dish with rice and it’s really good!
This version of pachadi is made from grated beets cooked with ground spices and coconut and then combined with yogurt. It’s a nice combo of spicy and sweet but also cooling from the yogurt. This picture does not do it justice but it’s a very colorful dish! Also, this recipe can be made with carrots or a combo of carrots and beets. And since Pradeep is in the UK, he was nice enough to list both kinds of measurements for the ingredients:)


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    Nice. Have you heard this new take on CSA?

  • Chitra

    no i have not. that sounds cool!