Samosas – 3 Kinds

Over Thanksgiving, me and my Dad made samosas together for the first time. He had just learned from his Aunt in Delhi how to prepare them and wanted to teach me how. My family was in San Francisco for the holiday and my Aunt had decided to invite us all over for Thanksgiving so we prepared three varieties to bring to her house with a coriander chutney.

potato and peas

sweet potato and feta

taro root


The first two fillings came out really well and I’ll share the recipes with you on this post. Although my little nephew liked it, the taro root came out a bit dry. The curry is delicious though by itself so I will share that recipe in the next post. Here are our samosas!


It was so fun to make these with my Dad. It does take time, but it can be a really communal activity where everyone can help to wrap the samosas.
I took photos of how to roll out, wrap and fry the samosas – kind of hard to explain in words. My Dad was the hand model:) Recipe for the dough is below for 24 samosas. After you let the dough rest for an hour or so, knead it again and divide and roll into 12 balls like these. Keep these dough balls covered with saran wrap so they do not dry out while you are rolling:

On a floured surface, roll out your first dough ball:

Should be rolled to about a 6 inch diameter:

Cut the circle in half:

Make a cone out of the half piece of dough with a seam that overlaps about 1/4 inch. Seal the seam together with water. Also press the edges together just to make sure that your seam comes together.



Fill your cone with a heaping tablespoon of filling:



Rub a little water in the inside of the top of the cone and close the top. Press well so that it is airtight.



Me and my Dad just folded up the corner of our samosas. Place your samosas on a tray and cover with saran wrap while you fill the rest:



Fry the samosas in a frying pan until golden brown. You can also bake but frying tastes better:)


Thanks for teaching me how to make samosas Dad! T’was fun:)


Now you can make the filling:



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  • Priya

    Yummm, crispy samosas makes me hungry..

  • Liz

    If you do want to bake them, you can add a little extra butter to the dough (an extra tablespoon and a half)–still not as amazing as frying, but closer. These pics are making me hungry!

  • alana

    these look so good!

  • summer

    omg, those look so damn good! samosas are probably one of my favorite foods but i’ve never made them. next time have your dad come here to make them!

  • Chitra

    They were so good. The sweet potato was my favorite. We should make some together! It’s so fun!

  • S

    I have been craving samosas since reading your post. When you opening your restaurant? : )

  • Electronic Santa Claus

    that picture looks great. I ate most of them.

  • meeso

    I love the sweet potato and feta, a new filling for me! They look awesome :)