Green Goddess Got Me!


Most people I know are aware that I’ve never eaten meat or fish in my life, but that changed last week when me and Sabra ordered the green goddess salad off the menu at Roman’s. I had always been curious about the dressing and even had looked up the recipe, but totally forgot that there was anchovies in it. Only after we had dug into the salad did the waiter confirm that indeed our dressing had anchovies!!

I was first startled and then my stomach just kind of sank. It’s strange because I know I’ve probably had some small form of meat or fish served to me before, but when I was told I had eaten it for sure, it definitely kind of shook me.

Ok enough dramatics but I really liked the taste of the dressing and wanted to figure out a way to make it vegetarian and with Indian flavors. I stayed true to the mayo and sour cream in the original recipe but added in some cilantro and dill instead of parsley, roasted fennel powder instead of tarragon and also some yogurt. And to replace the salty anchovies I put in capers.

It came out well, but you be the judge. Especially the anchovy eaters, please let me know how it compares!



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  • Liz

    Great recipe! The combo of the saunf and capers sounds like the secret. Can’t wait to try it!