My First Cooking Video: Radish Raita

I just made a cooking video with my friends Alana and Paul. It was so much fun and we’re gonna make a lot more. I hope you enjoy the first one!

For the written recipe for radish raita go here.

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  • Erin

    Awesome video and you look so pretty!!

  • jo zasloff

    AMAZING video!!
    i’m going to make that right now! so yumm. and so simple.

  • summer

    oh, so THAT’S how you pronounce “asafoetida”…video came out so great! I think I’m with your dad on the cilantro 😉

  • meeso

    That raita looks really good! Nice recipe and fun video :)

  • Jas

    LOVE this. You must get your own show… STAT!

  • Katie

    Agreed! This is the start to the best cooking show ever.

  • Arti

    Nice video and everything looks soooo yummy!


    That’s a very good video chitra…i found it very neat!

  • Corbie

    I can’t wait to try it this weekend. You are so charming on camera! You will have your own show before you know it!

  • vid

    good job! looking very pretty! :).

  • Ediomi

    Go Chitra! Excellent camera quality and you have great personality for the camera:-)

  • Preeti

    Your video looks great and definitely dig your style! Can’t wait to check out more! :)

  • Bina

    Loved the video and the wonderful explanation about tempering!

  • SE

    excellent video, Chitra!!

  • Priya

    That was a wonderful video Chitra! The recipe, your narration, the giggles and the fabulous camera work were all fantastic. Will surely come back for more :)Kudos to the whole team.

  • christen

    wow, chitra! video is really nice. you make it look so easy!

  • Meghan

    Great video! I love your laugh! Can’t wait till the next episode!

  • Chandra

    More episodes please! I love it!

  • Uncle Lee

    Hi Chitra, very nice. Enjoyed the show. Can see you have a Black belt in cooking…but your profile pic of holding that pan is real cute.
    For those who don’t appreciate your cooking? Ha ha. Just kidding.
    You keep well, stay young and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  • Zack

    Chitra’s radish raita is best eaten with laughter, and she supplied plenty of both tonight at her and Sabra’s Indian-Mexican dinner party. Few plates went unlicked and even the worm at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal did not go uneaten.

    After the dessert, rice and sweet beans, was served (more ginger candy next time, please) three guests took to dozing on Sabra’s bed while others climbed through the window to the fire escape.

    This beautiful, bountiful food fueled an evening of human interaction, a togetherness that is all too scarce in our lives. Keep it up Chitra – and may your laugh grow ever more infectious, and your concoctions more delicious (though I hardly see how that’s possible).

  • Alison

    Awesome video Chitra! Maybe your upcoming debut in Escape magazine will send you thousands of views :)