Green Beans Palya

This is one of the dishes that I taught my friends Andrew and Faouzi to make during our cooking lesson. Palya is a South Indian word that means dry curry. You can make this recipe with a number of different kinds of vegetables besides green beans: beet, potato, eggplant, etc. This is a dish that my mom made quite often. It kind of spoils you from eating green beans any other way becuse it’s so flavorful.

For this dish, you fry up some mustard seed, curry leaf, chili and then add the green beans in with some sambar powder* (you can buy this powder at the Indian store), coconut and lemon. You can have this dish on the side, mix it in with some rice and sambar or eat with a roti or flatbread. I’ve put it inside a burrito before – sounds weird but was so good!


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  • Deepa G Joshi

    hmm my favorite style of veggie..too good..I am sure your friends liked it..